Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Medicine balls use as weights to increase resistance, which is known in athletics and widely used their shape helps us to increase the degree of liability of the starting position and thus the coordination intensity exercise.

Medicine balls can be used in mode isometric contraction (endurance in static position with load), under isotonic contraction (movement with load) and DUKE PETERSON VISION  polymeric mode (catching falling and then throwing a medicine ball). To balance exercises medicine ball can be used in all modes. For core training medicine ball is often used in conjunction with other tools

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Distribution of diet during
Diet should be administered in 3-4 hour intervals, the last meal 3-4 hours before bedtime.

They are healthy milk, cheese and dairy products?
How do the milk, yoghurt or even melted cheese and ice cream in terms of their composition and content of fat, sugar or cholesterol.

How to breathe in strengthening
Beginners often address how to breathe during exercise. What routine activities carried out automatically, is suddenly unclear. So what are the rules for proper breathing?

The quality and type of protein for muscle growth
Whether you are a fitness or performance athlete, you should be interested in what type of protein quality in what you accept in your diet.

We focus on the typical mistakes that can become especially to those who begin training with fitness, and explain how to remove them.

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