Thursday, 17 January 2013

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Third Marriage with bilateral dependence according to Martin this combination of marriage passively dependent man with a passive-dependent woman

 It is a marriage in which "no he can not swim and pulling each other under the water." Bergman and Life (1975) is characterized as follows: Both spouses are dependent and immature, both longing for love and have the impression that in marriage somanabolic muscle maximizer scam give more than they receive. Both leads to bouts of rage, behave childishly. None of them, he can not show sufficient interest in the problems of the other.

4th Paranoid marriage Spouses may be paranoid to one another, such as excessively jealous, or they may share a common touchiness to the surroundings. Bergman and Life distinguish two sub-types of a marriage that reflects the auspiciousness of the spouses:

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 Paranoid husband and wife with a tendency to depression, a man is jealous, suspicious, hostile and angry, he's not sure of his masculinity. A woman has low self-esteem and easily lets rebuke. He thinks that he can not get anyone better. For her husband may mean repeating his father, who refused it.

 A man prone to depression and paranoid woman, jealous woman marries a man who is depressed. Suspicious behavior of women gives men an excuse to not have to try to come closer to the outside world, which made him seem threatening.
Sexual relations are a sensitive point for many people.

Of course, as they reflect the current situation of man and his mental health moreover, it is a problem to which it is connected are many different prejudices. This is the case even for eating disorders, which decreased interest in sex sometimes reinforces the idea about the possible failure of sexual identification

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